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CIDEC has conducted various international development cooperation projects, including academic research and policy studies, with government agencies and major research institutions since its establishment in 2010.
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Comprehensive Evaluation for Community-based MCH Capacity Building (KOICA) (2018)
Comprehensive Evaluation for Community-based MCH Capacity Building (KOICA) (2018) This evaluation is designed to draw essential lessons to improve future KOICA-funded public health projects through in-depth and comprehensive analysis on 15 of KOICA's past community-based maternal-child health capacity building projects. In this project, the evaluation team expects to conduct analysis and evaluation on community-ba...more06.27 14:00
Good Neighbors Multi-bi Projects Study (Good Neighbors) (2017-2018)
Good Neighbors Multi-bi Projects Study (Good Neighbors) (2017-2018) The purpose of this study is to review and analyze processes and achievements of WFP SZCH projects in Bangladesh andTanzania, from the perspective of partnership. It also aims to draw lessons that can be leveraged in future projects with similar conditions and find required capacities of CSOs as candidate partners of IO for successful partnership...more06.27 14:00
A Result Management Project for Education and Microfinancing in Academy Partnership Program (APP), Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2017‒2020)
more06.30 18:38
Ex-post Evaluation on the Project for the Construction of Water Supply System in Buon Ho Town, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2016)
The purpose of this study is to present a proposal for the establishment of a long-term strategy for the integrated water resources of the KOICA project, and to draw lessons for improving the effectiveness of water sector projects. more06.30 18:37
Ex-post evaluation on Agriculture Business, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2016)
As the post evaluation of the three agricultural projects carried out by the KOICA, the results of the project were analyzed based on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) DAC criteria: appropriateness, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability.more06.30 18:37
A Collaborative Performance Management Project on the Public-Private Partnership Programs of Indonesia, Academy Partnership Program (APP), Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2015‒2017)
This project is part of the APP supported by KOICA. For the four projects being implemented in Indonesia, result management tools are configured to improve the competence of organizations that implement the projects. By increasing the effectiveness of projects, the quality of life of residents is also improved, while result management allows us to take important lessons and learn from them for the next stage of proje...more06.25 15:36
A Comprehensive Evaluation on the Global CSR Program, International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2014)
The evaluation mostly asks questions about global CSR programs, such as whether the initial goals of the project were met, the sustainability of the project, and whether the project was differentiated in accordance with the partnership type were asked. In addition, performance analysis of the program and evaluation of the project by locals is also conducted. Projects discussed in the study are job training for social...more06.25 15:36
A Study on the Performance Evaluation Framework of the PPP: A Guideline for Evaluation on CSO¡¯s Capacity Building, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2013)
This guideline can be used to evaluate the capacity-building projects at all levels targeting CSOs. For this, international best practices and literatures on guidelines for similar projects and policies were reviewed. This guideline contains notes and advisories for assessment on capacity building activities. Therefore, each assessment should be conducted in an effort to design and analyze a research appropriate for ...more06.25 15:35
A Study on the Performance Evaluation Framework of the PPP: A Manual of the Qualitative Evaluation of the CSO International Development Projects, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2013)
This manual focuses on learning through a qualitative evaluation of projects during CSO overseas activities. For this, a literature review on international best practices, similar projects and policies was carried out. Each evaluation must be carried out in a way that plans appropriate research to reflect the evaluation purposes by referencing the overall guidelines and basic evaluation frameworks. However, the manua...more06.25 15:32
A Comprehensive Evaluation on the NGO-support Program, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2010)
In recent years, an expansion of the scope of private‒public cooperation has been scheduled under the ¡°Strategic Plan for International Development Cooperation¡± and ¡°Mid-term plan supporting CSOs¡± (2011‒2013). This has led to a need to study measures to establish mid- to long-term cooperative systems between the public and private sectors, and measures to effectively implement projects based on such p...more06.25 15:32
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