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CIDEC has conducted various international development cooperation projects, including academic research and policy studies, with government agencies and major research institutions since its establishment in 2010.
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A Study on Building Human rights Management & Conducting Human Rights Impact Evaluation (2018)
The purpose of this study is to foster human rights-friendly organizational culture for Human rights management in KOGAS by building Human rights system and conducting Human Rights Impact Evaluation in regard to business and institutional operation. more10.10 10:27
A Study on Policy Coherence for Development(PCD) for Promoting A Sustainable Environment for the Developing Countries. Prime Minister¡¯s Office (2016)
The purpose of this study is to analyze the international trend of policy coherence for development(PCD) in international development cooperation, to examine the present situation of PCD in Korea and to suggest policy proposals.more06.25 15:30
An Analysis of International Cooperation and Technology Transfer System of German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ), Green Technology Center (2015)
The purpose of this study is to identify the clues for the formation of the Korean technology transfer system through the study of the international cooperation and technology transfer system of the GIZ with the view that the importance of the mechanism for multilateral technical cooperation in the international society will be highlighted. more06.25 15:30
SDGs and Korean National Assembly¡¯s Strategies, National Assembly Secretariat (2015)
The purpose of this report is to present future development tasks by reviewing the current status and overseas cases of international development cooperation policies within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). more06.25 15:29
KOICA LCPP(Local Civil Society Partnership Program) Strategy and Program Development Research for Civil Society Organization¡¯s Capacity Strengthening and Enabling Environment Creation in Developing Countries, Korea International Cooperation Agency (..
As the role and importance of civic society in development cooperation is increasingly emphasized, this study seeks to present recommendations on establishing and implementing a policy framework to support the capabilities of local civil societies in developing countries and to contribute to the creation of a development-friendly environment. The study also seeks to identify effective approaches and methods for the p...more06.25 15:29
A Study on Triangular Cooperation in International Development Cooperation, Korea Development Institute (KDI) (2014)
Through an analysis of the type and current status of international triangular cooperation, this study seeks to establish the direction and principles of Korea¡¯s triangular cooperation policy. Analysis of the structural mechanisms of South‒South cooperation and triangular cooperation will allow us to identify a success model for triangular cooperation and lead to qualitative transition from South‒South c...more06.25 15:29
A Research on the Reform of MOFA¡¯s ODA Policies and Implementation Mechanism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea (2014)
The goal of this research is to propose strategic and institutional policy improvement measures to boost the effectiveness of development aid from Korea as we prepare for an expansion of ODA and a change in the environment surrounding international development and aid. Moreover, the study seeks to contribute to the development of a basis for a mid-term policy for grant aid. Specifically, the dual function of ODA that...more06.25 15:29
Civil Society and International Development Cooperation: Current Situation and Challenges of Korean Development NGOs (2014, ASAN Foundation)
The purpose of this study is to analyze Korean development NGOs¡¯ history, capacities, cooperation with the government, accountability, and current status of monitoring and evaluation based on Western development NGOs¡¯ experiences. This study also aims to suggest the way in which Korean development NGOs can evolve while maintaining their own characteristics in a Korean context. In addition, this study makes an attem...more06.25 15:28
A Study on the Key Donor Countries¡¯ Multilateral Aid Policies, National Research Council for Economics, Humanities, and Social Sciences (2013)
The role of international organizations is important to effectively implement development cooperation and achieve global development goals. There is also a need to strategically apply the expertise and efficiency of international bodies to complement bilateral aid and achieve individual countries¡¯ international development cooperation goals. However, Korea still lacks a long-term and strategic direction on multilate...more06.25 15:28
A Research on the Development Financing under Post-MDGs Framework, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea (2013)
This research seeks to develop policy suggestions on how Korea manages its development resources, based on the history of development resources in the international community, including in major grant countries as well as international organizations such as the UN or OECD, international regulations, theories and related policies. It focuses on the history of development resources and theoretical discourse. In particu...more06.25 15:28
A Research on the Integrated ODA System for Effective Korea ODA, National Research Council for Economics Humanities and Social Sciences & Korea Institute of Public Administration (2013)
This study reviews the direction of administrative restructuring in Korea and the current system for ODA implementation. To that end, the historical context and operation mechanism of the ODA system is reviewed, with a focus on the lessons learned from cases of advanced countries. By categorizing the ODA implementation system into types, an alternative that may be applied to Korea is concluded. This study seeks to id...more06.25 15:27
An Analysis of Foreign Aid Policies of each Government in Korea, The Asan Institute for Policy Studies (2013)
This study compares and analyzes the status of foreign aid policies of each past government from the Roh Tae-woo administration to the Lee Myung-bak administration. The international environment and the environment for international development cooperation of each government is compared. In addition, the foreign policy stance of each government is suggested and analyzed in terms of its coherence with the direction of...more06.25 15:27
A Research on Climate Change and PPP, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2012)
Responding to climate change not only requires a longer term approach, but also cooperation across regions and countries, which translates into a need for sustained and stable funneling of resources. The 2002 Monterrey Consensus, that emphasized the need to reduce poverty using private resources, was the turning point where Public-Private Partnerships(PPPs) emerged as a leading method for engaging the private sector...more06.25 15:27
A Study on Korea ODA Policy Coherence, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2012)
Under the banner of PCD, the OECD and EU emphasize coherence in ODA and non-ODA policies. This study was conceived to improve the policy coherence in Korea and is divided into three sections: analysis of the concept of policy coherence and trade policy coherence, international trends in policy coherence, and policy coherence in Korea and suggestions. To understand the current status in PCD of OECD DAC members, a lite...more06.25 15:26
A Research on Government-Civil Society Cooperation for Development Effectiveness, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) (2012)
The Korean government announced in October, 2010 its ¡°Strategic Plan for International Development Cooperation¡± to increase the budget for sponsoring NGOs with an approximately tenfold increase on the support in 2010 by 2015, which is an indication of its willingness to cooperate with civil society. Along with such changes, ¡°CSO Partnership Programs¡±, one of the leading civil society cooperation programs supporte...more06.25 15:26
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