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    Development Projects
CIDEC's goal is to become a leading research center in the field of international development cooperation. It endeavors to play a pivotal role in development cooperation by undertaking the
following roles:
Providing a platform for education, research, and practice
Development cooperation activities require cooperation between various parties. CIDEC is a platform for undergraduate/graduate students, specialized researchers, volunteers, and civil society activists, encompassing the areas of education, research, and practice. It implements local projects in developing countries through joint efforts with civil society organizations and conducts training projects to build the capacities of activists. By offering the 'Understanding of International Development Cooperation' course as well as advice on overseas volunteering activities, CIDEC brings abilities together both inside and outside of Kyung Hee University for development cooperation.
Suggesting an innovative alternative for development cooperation
One of the key roles of universities is to suggest practical social alternatives through academic studies and policy research. CIDEC carries out in-depth studies by implementing small-scale SSK projects of the National Research Foundation of Korea. In addition, it conducts numerous policy research projects, including studies on civil society partnership, development resources and advancement strategies for grant aid policies and their implementation. Through these studies, CIDEC proposes suggestions to raise the effectiveness of development projects and suggests alternatives to existing development policies, thereby contributing to efforts to eradicate global poverty.
Cultivating talent in development cooperation
The cultivation of talented individuals is essential to the future of development cooperation. CIDEC is currently working with faculty and researchers in various disciplines, including development cooperation. It is also actively interacting with foreign networks in Japan, China, the United Nations and elsewhere. Furthermore, researchers and interns who have worked for the center hold positions in universities, development sites, public institutions and civil society organizations, working to make a better future through development cooperation.
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