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The SSK Development Partnership Research Group continuously publishes research papers on partnerships for international development cooperation and the components that make up such partnerships, such as nation states, civil societies, corporations, and so on. Since the small-scale SSK research was launched in September 2012, the major research papers that have been published in domestic and international academic journals with the SSK grant numbers (NRF-2012S1A3A2033961/NRF-2015S1A3A2046224/NRF-2018S1A3A2075117) are those set out below.
[Development Partnership – Theorization] Kim, Taekyoon¤ıMok, Jong Kyun¤ıWoo, Changbin¤ıKim, Bokyung. From Humanitarian Relief to Democracy Aid: U.S. Foreign Assistance Towards North Korea, 1996-2016. Pacific Focus. Vol.35, No.3 (Dec 2020).
[Development Partnership – Theorization] Kim, Seokwoo ¤ıSohn, Hyuk-Sang¤ıLee, Jiyoung. Evaluating Participation: Empirical Analysis of Recipient and Beneficiary Engagement with IFAD International Development Projects. Sustainability. MDPI. Open Access Journal. Vol.12, No.14 (July 2020).
[Development Partnership – Theorization] Kim, Taekyoon¤ıKim, Bokyung. Transforming the Stuented UNESCO-Korea Development Partnership? The Case of UNESCO Bangkok¡¯s Stratetgic Framework for the Korea Funds-in-Trust. Korean Social Science Journal. Vol.47, No.1 (June 2020).
[Development Partnership – Theorization] Jungsook Kim ¤ıHeonjoo Jung. An Empirical Analysis on Determinants of Aid Allocation by South Korean Civil Society Organizations. Voluntas (May 2020).
[Development Partnership – Theorization] Woo, Changbin. The Effect of Good Governance as Institutional Quality on Enterpreneurial Motivation in High-and Low-Income Countries. Korean Society and Public Administration. Vol.31, No.1 (May 2020).
[Development Partnership – Case Study] Lee, Hyo Won¤ıKim, Youngwan. Impacts of Tangible and Intangible Elements of Aid for Trade on the Globalisation of Developing Countries. The World Economy. (March 2020).
[Development Partnership – Case Study] Shin, Wonkyu¤ıYi, Jisun¤ıJung, Wooyong. Governance matters more than development constraints for growth in Sub-Saharan African Countries. International Development Cooperation Review. Vol.11, No.2 (January 2020).
[Development Partnership - Theorization] Sohn, Hyuk-sang¤ıKim, Youngwan¤ıPark, Bokyeong. Make the Village Better: An Evaluation of the Saemaul Zero Hunger Communities Project in Tanzania and Bangladesh. World Development. Vol.124 (December 2019).
[Development Partnership – Theorization] Heon Joo Jung ¤ıEunmi Kim. International treaties and foreign direct investment: an empirical analysis of effects of bilateral investment treaties on South Korea's FDI. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy. Vol. 25, No. 03 (Nov 2019)
[Domestic and International Implementation for SDGs] Yi, Jisun. Making sense of extreme poverty : an essay on the caveats of the 1.90-dollar international poverty line. OUGHTOPIA. Vol.34, No.3 (November 2019).
[Development Partnership – Case Study] Yi, Jisun. The Unintended Dynamics of foreign aid at the ¡®conflict-development¡¯ nexus: sub-Saharan African evidence. The Journal of Peace Studies. Vol.27, No.2 (October 2019).
[Development Partnership – Theorization] Sohn, Hyuk-Sang¤ıChoi, Hyeun Yang. The Reform of the UN Development System and Its Implications for Multilateral Aid Channels. Journal of International Development Studies. Vol.28, No.3 (September 2019).
[Development Partnership - Case Study] Choi, Changyong¤ıWoo, Hyeyoung. An Empirical Study on Unemployment and Life Satisfaction of 26 Transition Countries. International Development and Cooperation Review. Vol.11, No.3 (September 2019).
[Development Partnership – Case Study] Yi, Jisun. Rethinking the Resource Curse Thesis in Fragile and Conflict-affected Contexts: Analysis of the Patterns and Relative Conditions of Diversification in Sub-Saharan Africa (2001-16). The Journal of Regional Studies and Development. Vol. 28, No.2 (August 2019).
[Development Partnership – Case Study] Kim, Taekyoon¤ıLee, Sang Jun¤ıPradeep, Manjula. Strengthening Public-Private Partnership in Sri Lanka¡¯s Infrastructure Development Project: The Colombo Port Case. Asian International Studies Review. Vol.20, No.1 (June 2019).
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